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Smoothie Depot Franchise Process

steps to ownership

Act 1 – Application

Complete and submit the Franchise Application for consideration. This is the first step to understand your goals and financial strength.

Act 2 – Initial Meeting

Once your application has been approved, the Franchise Development Team will contact you to set up a meeting to discuss the possibilities and opportunities with Smoothie Depot The Smoothie Experts.

Act 3 – FDD Review and Analysis

In your initial meeting, you will receive our (FDD) Franchise Disclosure Document, which contains Smoothie Depot The Smoothie Experts history, definitions, corporate financial statements, average store unit volumes and revenue, all of our various agreements and detailed information about our company that will help you analyze our franchise system and determine if Smoothie Depot The Smoothie Experts is the right fit for you! While reviewing the FDD, the Franchise Team is available to address any aspects you may not understand or issues that may concern you.

Act 4 – Interview Existing Franchisees

After review of the FDD, you may wish to interview some of our existing Smoothie Depot The Smoothie Experts franchisees to get their input on our franchise system.

Act 5 – Franchise Approval

Once you’ve been approved, you will sign the Franchise Agreement and pay the Franchise Fee of $30,000.

Act 6 – Build-Out and Training

We have a Build Out and Training Program that benefits you every step of the way. We will provide you a list of architects and general contractors you can utilize, along with an elaborate timeline and order system with target dates to meet in order to get your store open in a timely manner. Also, you will go through an extensive training program with our Operations Team.

Act 7 – Grand Opening

Congratulations, you are now on your way to living life with smoothies in it. This is your day to shine, and we’re here all the way!

YOUR future

Starts with us

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