Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much will it cost to build a franchise?

A: Costs vary greatly due to store size, age of the building, and regional restrictions. A total investment, inclusive of the franchise fee and working capital, will range between $175,070 and $317,970. If you would like more detailed info about the investment, submit the Franchise application in order to receive an FDD, which contains details on every element of the estimated initial investment.

Q: What are the minimum Financial Requirements to qualify?

A: A potential Smoothie Depot franchisee must have a minimum net worth of $300,000 and at least $75,000 liquid, along with having a good credit score and history.

Q: What is Smoothie Depot The Smoothie Experts franchise fee?

A: The franchise fee is $25,000 per unit.

Q: How much money can I expect to make?

A: Smoothie Depot does not predict sales or profits for any locations, however, we do include the date on average unit sales.

Q: What is the Royalty Fee?

A: Six (6%) percent of your adjusted gross sales.

Q: What is the Marketing Fee?

A: Currently, there isn't a National Marketing and Advertising Fund Fee.

Q: How is my store site selected?

A: You are responsible for finding a location that meets the site criteria of Smoothie Depot The Smoothie Experts. We do work closely with several regional real estate brokers and will assist you in selecting your location.

Q: When can I expect to be profitable?

A: It varies by location and market as well as franchisee management. As in any business, we cannot predict earnings or profitability (based on Federal Trade Commission regulations).

Q: What is the typical size store?

A: The traditional store size varies from 800-1500 square feet.

Q: How involved am I in the development and construction? (optional)

A: You may work closely with our Franchise Project Managers who may guide you in selecting architects, designers, contractors and equipment vendors. Smoothie Depot The Smoothie Experts will keep in close contact so that we can check the progress of the developing location.


Q: Can I purchase or build multiple locations?

A: YES! We encourage potential franchisees to win and operate multiple locations. In addition, we offer a discount on the franchise fee with a minimum of three locations.


Q: How many employees will I need?

A: A typical will have anywhere from 9-14 part-time employees. Owners can also hire a manager, but many franchisees manage the stores themselves. Absentee ownership is not permitted.

Q: I am ready to start. What are the next steps?

A: See Steps to Owning a Smoothie Depot The Smoothie Experts franchise.

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Fuqua:                                       (713) 944-4440

12344 Gulf Fwy. Ste Q Houston TX 77034

Pasadena:                                 (713) 944-1111

3800 Spencer Hwy. Ste G Pasadena TX 77034

Webster:                                    (281) 724-0620

20801 Gulf Fwy. Ste 21 Webster TX 77598

Friendswood:                            (832) 569-5320

117 W Parkwood Ave. Friendswood TX 77546

Bissonnet:                        **OPENING SOON**                    

7098-B Bissonnet St. Houston TX 77074


For further information contact

JR GONDAL (832) 494-0434

More locations coming soon.



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Sunday                    Closed


Monday-Thursday 10am - 9pm

Friday                     10am - 8pm

Saturday                10am - 5:15pm

Sunday                   Closed

Bissonnet: **OPENING SOON!

Monday-Thursday  N/A

Friday                      N/A

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Sunday                     Closed


Monday-Thursday  9am - 9pm

Friday                      9am - 8:15pm

Saturday                 9am - 5:15pm

Sunday                    Closed


Monday-Thursday  7:30am - 9pm

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Saturday                 7:30am - 9pm

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